Indie Coffee

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Iced Vanilla Latte (left) and Americano (right)

Name: Indie Coffee

Location: 1225 Regent St, Madison, WI 53715

Ambiance: Casual

Cost: $

Best Dish: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Waffles

Indie Coffee is a coffee shop on Regent, in a nondescript building. I would classify it as classically hipster — and they excel at waffles. I’ve also had their bagel sandwiches, specifically the fancy grilled cheese bagel. It was tasty, but quite greasy, dripping with the oils that come out from cheese. Although, that might have also been because I got it to go and the aluminum foil was difficult to maneuver around. Their chocolate chocolate chip waffle, however, was excellent. I found it a little odd because the chocolate chips were on top rather than within the batter, but it worked well and was delicious.

Their prices are typical of a nicer coffee shop — with dishes priced around $4-6. It’s also a great place to study, although it’s a little on the small side.

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Chocolate Chocolate Waffle



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