Paul’s Pel’meni

Potato Pel’meni with the Works

Name: Paul’s Pel’meni

Location: 203 W Gorham St, Madison, WI 53703

Ambiance: Casual

Cost: $

Best Dish: Potato pel’meni with the works

Paul’s Pel’meni is refreshingly minimalist. It offers three options: potato pel’meni, beef pel’meni, and a mix of potato and beef pel’meni (which are little Russian dumplings). You can get them as a half order or full, and with or without the works (which consists of melted butter, sweet chili sauce, minced cilantro and a dusting of yellow curry on top, and sour cream) for no extra cost — although I highly, highly recommend going with the works since the dumplings taste quite bland otherwise. The potato inside is creamy, perfectly complimented by a cool mix of sour cream and the mild heat from the chili sauce. A soda is an extra dollar, and an extra sour cream is $0.50. For just $6.50, the full order is a satisfying meal.

There’s literally no possible way to go wrong.


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