Dumpling Haus

Veggie Lo Mein

Name: Dumpling Haus

Location: 540 N Midvale Blvd, Madison, WI 53705

Ambience: Casual

Cost: $$

Best Dish: Sesame Noodle Kick with a side of Veggie Wontons

Admittedly, this is one of my favorite places in Madison. Madison has a dearth of quality Asian food that is vegetarian accessible, and although Dumpling Haus may not qualify as the most authentic of the lot, it’s tasty and satisfying.

Their noodle dishes are excellent. The veggie lo mein (pictured above) is flavorful and the crispy bok choy provide a great contrast to the noodles. The sesame noodle kick is my personal favorite, with a little more spice, topped with crunchy peanuts and lots of scallions. The sauce excels here, and although it tends to pool at the bottom, this is easily remedied by mixing the noodles. A side of veggie wontons, served with a tangy soy sauce/vinegar mix compliments the meal, and while I wish there were other veggies beyond just greens inside of them, they hold up well. While a lot of Chinese restaurants tend to get greasy, Dumpling Haus does not, but that doesn’t result in a lack of flavor.

At $8/noodle bowl plus an extra $3.50 for the side of wontons, it’s a little more expensive than the average fast casual dining place. However, it is well worth it, especially in its nice new spot next to Sushi Muramoto in Hilldale.

Veggie Wontons
Sesame Noodle Kick

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