Curd Girl


Name: Curd Girl

Location: Variable

Ambiance: Casual

Cost: $$

Best Dish: Mint Limeade

Curd Girl is exactly what it sounds like. They sell deep fried cheese curds for $6– how very Wisconsin — with a handful of sauces to choose from. The cheese curds are chewy, but were also kind of greasy. They didn’t seem to be either breaded or battered, instead fried directly. The garlic aioli was a delicious pairing, and an accompaniment of mint limeade for $3 was well worth it on a hot day. It could have used a little more mint flavor, but it washed down the curds perfectly.

At $6, the curds were a little on the expensive side, but they’re great to satisfy a craving.

Mint Lemonade with Cheese Curds and Garlic Aioli